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Arabic offers many opportunities in life and can lead the way to a successful future. Whether your decision to learn Arabic is for education, career or simply for an incredible life experience in Amman-Jordan, AlBaher Arabic Language Center will ensure to help you to study Arabic and achieve your goals. Choose from our various Arabic language courses and let our friendly and professional instructors guide you to fluency.


The FUSHA/ Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Summer Intensive Arabic Program

Levantine: Arabic in Real Life Program

Arabic Diplomat Course

Arabic Exam Preparation

Specialized Arabic Courses

Student Services

Accommodation In Amman

AlBaher Arabic Language Center offers Accommodation in Amman that suits your lifestyle, budget and needs which ensures you find the perfect home abroad when you are away from home experience.

Area Studies Instruction

Arabic Language Area Studies program at AlBaher integrates the study of the Arabic language with a broader examination of the cultural, historical, social, and political aspects of the Arab world.

Cultural Excursions & Tours

AlBaher’s cultural tours and excursions aim to provide students with a profound comprehension of the cultural intricacies, traditions, and customs of Jordan, highlighting the diverse elements.

Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a taste of why Jordan is such a fabulous city, then you have come to the right place. Find out what makes Jordan famous, take a look at some of its popular sights and discover how to spend your time in and around the country.

Transportation (To/From Airport)

AlBaher Institute will provide transportation to/from Queen Alia airport at the beginning and end of the Arabic language program. ($50 USD) transportation fee is required for a one way trip, and ($80 USD) for a round trip.

Our Goal

Is to support Arabic language learners in their professional, personal, and academic development through a variety of immersion and intensive Arabic instruction courses. Our aim is to  exceed students` expectations by offering exceptional services, teaching through innovation and applying current, tailored teaching styles.

Teaching Methodology

Whether our students decide to study Arabic language abroad or online, we follow a communicative approach to provide comprehensive, evidence-based Arabic language instruction to a wide range of students through a variety of programs (including immersion, classroom, and distance learning) each of these programs exemplifies

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