Course Dates & Tuition Fees

Long Term Courses (12 Weeks)

Our Long Term Arabic Language course dates are perfect and Tuition Fees for students who want to spend 3 months (12 weeks) or more studying Arabic and experiencing life in an Arab-speaking country. If you’re taking a year out of education and want to use your time productively, a Long Term Arabic Language course might be the answer.

These courses are also ideal for students who want to prepare for future study, who are getting ready for entry to university, or who need to improve their Arabic for their future careers. AlBaher offers 3 long term courses Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) / FUSHA through the year; Winter, Spring and Fall courses. Each term lasts for 12 weeks. The total hours of instruction per term is (210) hours, 4 hours of instruction per day.

Tuition Fees: USD $2600

January 03March 28Dec. 30, 2023
April 01June 26Mar. 25, 2024
September 02November 28Aug. 22, 2024

Summer Intensive Arabic Course (5 Weeks)

AlBaher offers one Summer Intensive Arabic Course. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) / FUSHA & Ammiyya (Jordanian Spoken Dialect / Colloquial) The course lasts for 5 weeks, with 4.5 hours of instruction per day; 3 hours of MSA / FUSHA instruction and 1.5 hours of Ammiyya instruction.

During the Summer Intensive Course, AlBaher Arabic Language Learning Center organizes extracurricular activities which include excursions, film nights, cooking workshops and invitations for students to participate in local events and activities.

These extracurricular activities have proven incredibly enjoyable for our students and offer a nice break from the intensive Arabic study. The main goal of these activities is to encourage the students to get involved in the Jordanian society and to meet and interact with the Jordanians. Simply because integration and immersion improve the students` Arabic language skills and their knowledge of both the Arab and the Jordanian cultures.

Tuition Fees: USD $1800

June 02July 04May. 13, 2024

Arabic in Real Life / Ammiyya Course (4 Weeks)

AlBaher offers Arabic in Real Life Course all year round. Since our Arabic in Real Life Course is divided into two levels; Beginner and Pre-Intermediate, courses have been distributed throughout the year for both levels according to the below calendar. Students will get 3 hours of instruction per day for each level.

Tuition Fees: USD $800

January 03January 31Beginner
February 01February 28Pre-Intermediate
March 02March 30Beginner
April 04April 29Pre-Intermediate
May 02May 31Beginner
June 01June 29Pre-Intermediate
July 04July 29Beginner
August 01August 30Pre-Intermediate
September 01September 29Beginner
October 03October 28Pre-Intermediate
November 01November 29Beginner
December 01December 29Pre-Intermediate

Special rates will be offered to groups from universities, embassies and organizations. The rates can be discussed directly with AlBaher upon registration.

Terms & Conditions apply.


  1. STUDENTS MINIMUM AGE: 16 years old.
  2. LENGTH of LESSONS: 50 minute/ lesson.
  3. CLASS SIZE:  Average 4 students / Maximum 6 students.
  4. TIMETABLE:  All lessons are given on Sunday through Thursday, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  5. Evening / After work classes: from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm are available upon demand.
  6. Registration Fees for the first time: $125 USD.

Note: If fewer than Five students register for our MSA & Ammiyya group courses. then the group course will be changed into a semi-private course.  In this case, the cost and content of the course will remain the same, but the hours will be reduced by 50%.

Public Holidays:

National calendar of all 2024 public holidays for Jordan. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced.

1 JanMon.New Year’s Day
10 Apr. to 13 Apr.Wed to SatEid al-Fitr
01 MayWed.Independence Day
16 Jun. to 20 Jun.Sun. to Thu.Eid al-Adha Holiday
07 Jul.Sun.Islamic New Year
15 Sep.Sun.Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
25 DecWed.Christmas Day