Where you choose to live is a central part of your study abroad experience. You can pick one of our accommodation options to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Whether you would like to live with other students in a residence, or prefer to experience daily life with a home stay, our range of accommodation options ensures you find the perfect home away from home.

In a home stay you will live with local Arabic speakers, and experience an authentic lifestyle. You will live as your hosts live, eat what they eat and spend time at home together. Many students enjoy the home cooked food and extra feeling of security in a home stay.

Home stay Lodging: Al Baher will provide each student with lodging through an Arabic-speaking host family. All lodging options will be located in safe neighborhoods. Prior to arrival, Al Baher will provide the students with individual host family names including the names of all household members over the age of 18, addresses, and phone numbers.


Independent Lodging: In the event that there are not a sufficient number of host family options, Al Baher will arrange for a private residences that meet all the same criteria as the family. Costs associated with private residences may differ in price. All efforts will be made to arrange for host family accommodation. Both accommodations will require a $1000 deposit refundable at the end of the language program.