We follow a communicative approach to provide comprehensive, evidence-based Arabic language instruction to a wide range of students through a variety of programs (including immersion, classroom, and distance learning) each of these programs exemplifies our commitment to deliver the highest standards in Arabic language instruction.

To give an engaging and relevant framework to learning, our lessons focus on different topics, which vary from current affairs to everyday issues. With the help of our professional and friendly teachers, our students will be able to select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class.

Each student will be given the opportunity to be engaged with the language by taking active parts in classroom discussions, in addition to working on the language skills whether individually, in pairs or in small groups. As students learn about other classmates and different cultures around the world, they will also learn correct Arabic pronunciation, increase and widen their vocabulary, learn grammar to be able to form correct sentence construction. Eventually, our students will be able to express themselves in an accurate and appropriate way, all in Arabic!